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Upcoming Conferences

2018 International Conference on Critical Public Health Consequences of the Double ‬Burden of Malnutrition and the Changing Food Environment in South and South East Asia


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Conference Themes Discussions at the conference will be organized in four sections:

1. Opening Plenary: Situation analysis, including technical presentations on links between malnutrition and the burden of disease.

2. Section on Undernutrition: Discussions will be organized in plenary sessions and workshops that will run in parallel.

3. Section on Overweight/Obesity: Discussions will be organized in plenary sessions and workshops that will run in parallel include:

Themes/issues which will be covered in Sections 2 and 3

• Laws and policies (including social protection) related to nutrition,

• Food systems, land reform and access to land,

• Agricultural policies, food production and processing and their impact,

• The role and regulation of agribusiness, food and beverages corporations and corporations which promote breastmilk substitutes and infant formula.

• Programmes, human resources, pharmaceutical issues and research in relation to nutrition.

• Current challenges and positive actions to address them.

• Technical (biomedical) issues related to nutrition and disease consequences.

• Strategizing around advocacy and social mobilization on issues related to malnutrition.

4. Synthesis Plenary: This will distill and elaborate on the common themes emerging from and related to the structural and systemic causes of both undernutrition and overweight/obesity.


2018  African Nutrition Society and  Food and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia  8th  Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference

  • Theme: “Multi-stakeholder nutrition actions in Africa: translating evidence into policies, and programmes for impact”
  • Dates:   October 1-5, 2018
  • Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • More information here

2017 ReSAKSS Annual Conference

  • Theme: “A Thriving Agricultural Sector in A Changing Climate: Meeting Malabo Declaration Goals through Climate-Smart Agriculture ”
  • Dates: 25–27 October 2017
  • Place: Maputo, Mozambique
  • More information here

2018 5th International Conference on Food Security and Nutrition

  • Dates: 8-9 April  2018 
  • Place:  Copenhagen, Denmark
  • More information here