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Volume 3, Number 10, October 2012

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Correspondence: Regulation. Trans fats

US consumers are deceived

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Sir: This note refers to your editorial of last month, partly concerned with industrially-generated trans-fatty acids. Yes, it's a good thing that in the US, manufacturers of processed foods are obliged by law to state how much trans fat they contain. Or it would be, were this so. Actually, all they need to do is reduce it to less than 0.5 grams per serving and they are allowed to claim it's zero. Since the US government recommends that people consume less than 2 grams a day of trans fat, this means that means with four servings a day, while consumers may think they have avoided trans fat, they are on fact on the limit. Nor does this take into account that the 2 grams figure is 'pragmatic'. It ignores what is now the general expert agreement that it's best if industrially-generated trans fats are eliminated from food supplies.

As usual, industry fools or colludes with government, and consumers get taken.

Ted Greiner
Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea

Please cite as: Greiner T. Regulation. Trans fats. US consumers are deceived. [Letter] World Nutrition, October 2012,3, 10:475. Obtainable at

2012 October. WN6. Correspondence. Regulation. Trans fats

US consumers are deceived
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