World Nutrition: Food price crisis, food wars, ultra-processing, evidence to prevent obesity
Four of the team committed to success (left, above). Before and after the
congress, there's Ipanema beach (centre) and Rio botanical gardens (right)

All this year, Rio2012 executive secretary Inês Rugani, has been assembling and guiding her 'A team' of colleagues and students from Rio state university (UERJ), Brasília federal university (UNB), the University of São Paulo (USP), and other institutions. Masterminded by her, and working with congress organisers Método Eventos, they are co-responsible for the strategy and tactics of the Rio2012 programme and operations. Pictured above (left) are Camila Maranha, Kelly Alves, Claudia Bocca and Juliana Martins. They are four of the team of volunteers who formed the secretariat for the final congress pre-planning meeting held in Rio between 15-21 May.

After the meeting, participants had time to enjoy some aspects of 'the marvellous city' of Rio. These included Ipanema beach with its barracas (informal refreshment huts) (centre, above), and water-lilies in Rio's celebrated botanical gardens, founded in 1808 by the first emperor of Brazil (right, above).

The big news is that Rio2012 is now open for registration. For details please access the dedicated congress website by clicking here. We have different registration periods. Register now and you will pay less than if you register later in the year, and a lot less than if you register at the time of the congress. We also have different levels of registration prices for students and professionals, and for registrants from higher and lower-income countries. Plus we have different scales of payment for non-members and members of the Association, and also of our partners Abrasco. As you will see, the saving in the costs of registration for Association members is greater than the normal yearly members' subscription. So apply to be a member right now, by clicking here.

Sabrina Ionata
Association General Secretary


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